C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1


Please note that the final examination for this course is a computer-based exam.

C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1 is a detailed study of automobile insurance in Canada. The course covers legislation related to automobile insurance and policies and regulations, concentrating mostly on personal coverages. Insurance professionals taking Automobile Insurance—Part 1 will get an overview of the different provincial approaches to automobile insurance and some of the problems related to it. You will deal in detail with Owner’s Policies or coverages specific to your own province. Automobile Insurance—Part 1 is one of the building blocks of your CIP Program .

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Automobile Insurance
  • Third-Party Liability Coverage; Direct Compensation–Property Damage Coverage
  • Accident Benefits
  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage
  • Loss or Damage Coverages
  • Applications for Automobile Insurance; Underwriting
  • Ratemaking
  • Statutory Conditions
  • General Provisions, Definitions, and Exclusions
  • Endorsements and Special Coverages / Endorsements for Use with the Owner’s Policy; the Driver’s Policy
  • Automobile Insurance Consumer Protection
  • Automobile Insurance Across Canada

Effective December 2023, the format of the C14 ON: Auto Insurance- Part 1 (ON) final examination will change.

This exam, which previously included 70 multiple-choice questions (140 marks) and a number of narrative and application constructed response questions (60 marks), will change to include 100 multiple choice questions (200 marks) and will no longer include constructed response questions. This exam will include a combination of knowledge-based and scenario-based questions. The duration of the exam will also change from 3 hours (180 minutes) to 2 hours (120 minutes).

More information on the examination and multiple-choice question format can be found on the Description of Examination Format. Students are also encouraged to consult the revised examination blueprint for more details, which will be available in September 2023 in the My Courses section of their eLearning account.

Please note that for the December 2023 session, this change impacts only the Ontario version of the C14 exam. The exam format for the other editions of C14 will remain the same until further notice.

Who Should Register

All insurance courses offered by The Insurance Institute are designed for individuals who want to attain a highly recognized and respected professional designation in the p&c industry. The professional designation Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) is recognized across Canada and elsewhere around the world as the benchmark of insurance professionalism.

Automobile Insurance—Part 1 is for industry professionals, including brokers and agents, underwriters and adjusters, who want a comprehensive p&c education and the skills and knowledge required to advance their careers.