Developing the Leader Within - Module 1, 2 & 3 - Webinar (EST)

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Date and Time: October 25, 2023 12:30am - November 08, 2023 4:15 pm EST

Are you looking to develop your leadership skills? If so, this three-module program is for you.

This program consists of 3 half-day modules as follows:

MODULE 1 -  Leadership Lid and Emotional Intelligence - 
Wed Oct 25, 2023  | 12:30 - 4:15pm EST
MODULE 2 - Mindset, Core Values and Effective Communication - 
Wed Nov 1, 2023  |  12:30 - 4:15pm EST
MODULE 3 - Intentional Leadership, Coaching and Leading Through Change  -  Wed  Nov 8, 2023  |  12:30 - 4:15pm EST

MODULE 1 -  Leadership Lid and Emotional Intelligence   
Wed Oct 25, 2023  | 12:30 - 4:15pm EST
In this module, you will understand how leadership effectiveness is directly related to leadership capacity. You will learn the difference between emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence and how these impact our ability to lead. As part of this module, you will also undergo a DISC assessment to determine your behavioural style, this tool will help you understand how to identify the behavioural styles of your teams/ colleagues and how to use this knowledge to effectively lead/work with them.

At the end of this module, participants will understand:
- How to identifying the capacity of their leadership lid
- Emotional Intelligence and the impact it has on our ability to succeed
- The DISC model of human behaviour
- How to lead effectively by understanding different behavioural styles

MODULE 2 - Mindset, Core Values and Effective Communication
Wed Nov 1, 2023  |  12:30 - 4:15pm EST
In this module, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the core values required to be an effective leader and you will be able to identify communication strategies that work best for you.

Part 1- Identifying your core values
- Have a solid understanding of the core values required to be an effective leader
- Identify strategies to improve upon these core values
- understand how to recognize these values or the lack thereof within yourself and your team

Part 2 – Communication Strategies
- you will be able to effectively increase your influence by connecting with people
- understand how to find common ground and use that effectively to communicate with others
- know how to actively listen to both words and body language

MODULE 3 - Intentional Leadership, Coaching and Leading Through Change
Wed  Nov 8, 2023  |  12:30 - 4:15pm EST
In this module you will identify your level of emotional intelligence (strengths and limitations) and you’ll be provided with strategies to improve your level of EQ.

- Learn about the subconscious and conscious parts of the mind and how this affects your beliefs, behaviours, mindset and ultimately your ability to lead
- Identify triggers that lead to self-limiting behaviours
- Workshop strategies to deal with self-limiting beliefs
- Discuss strategies to help you get unstuck
- Develop a personal leadership plan to ensure success moving forward which will include, personal Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values and Social Contract (how will they be accountable)

Seminar Leader
Tammie Kip, FCIP
Director, Claims Transformation - Allstate Canada
Past President, OIAA

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