Additional Webinars

Crime Insurance (Webinar) – February 27


Seminar Program:

  • Business Interruption: Beyond the Basics (Webinar)
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL Business interruption insurance is often perceived as a highly technical field, both difficult to sell and to service. As a result, it is a commodity that, although important to all risk portfolios, is undersold. This seminar aims to put aside the accounting and the numbers so that the insurance people in all disciplines can get a better handle on the how tos of business interruption. Business interruption insurance is a vital component of any business continuity ...

  • Policy Wordings (Webinar)
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL When dealing with insurance policies, the Confirmation of Coverage and policy wording form the contract is important for everyone to understand. Together they are the guide to what will and will not be covered and understanding this to protect the broker/agent E&O as well as being able to explain it to clients is extremely important. Join us as we learn how to properly navigate policy wordings to find what is covered, excluded, conditions of the policy, and e ...

  • Cyber Liability Exposure & Coverage (Webinar)
    CLASSROOM | ENHANCING | TECHNICAL Canadians are embracing the use of cyberspace in every aspect of their lives – but are we adequately prepared to deal with the increasing risk of cyber-attacks? With both the frequency and severity of cyber-attacks increasing, the insurance industry needs to be poised to understand, recognize, and advise clients on the risks, potential impacts, and available coverages. Several high profile cybercrime cases have garnished the attention of the media and clients. C ...