Additional Webinars

Certificates of Insurance Webinar  March 20, Learn more.
Management Level 2 Licensing Prep Course (Virtual) – Starts May 1, Learn more.
Cyber Liability Exposure & Coverage Webinar  May 28, Learn more.


Seminar Program:

  • Cannabis: Insurance & Risk Management Implications (Webinar)
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL SPECIAL PRESENTATION As of July 1, 2018, Cannabis possession and consumption will be legal in Canada—immediately impacting all aspects of property and casualty insurance. In the lead up to this date, issues are being discussed as they arise and decisions are continuously being made regarding the many minute factors that this legalization will affect. Are you keeping up-to-date on all the ways our industry will be impacted? How will it affect your work as an insur ...

  • Insuring Unique Homes (Webinar)
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL Homes today run the gamut from 250 square foot Tiny Homes to 25,000 square foot Mansions. Somehow insurance professionals need to find the right way to insure them all. Partly due to skyrocketing real estate prices, but also due to concerns for the environment, and a yearning for a simpler life, the tiny homes movement has taken off, and with it, concerns about the proper way to insure tiny structures. Laneway homes , which are homes built into pre-existing lots, ...

  • Broker/Agent Licensing Prep Course: In Class
    Are you looking to start a new career as an insurance broker or agent? Don't miss the opportunity to prepare for your licensing exam in a classroom setting. Cambrian Shield Chapter - Insurance Institute of Ontario is pleased to offer students, new to the insurance industry, a convenient yet intensive two week Agent (Other than Life) and Broker (Entry Level 1- "Acting Under Supervision") program. The program is designed to prepare students for the Agent and Broker exam. The class is instructed by ...

  • Manufacturers & Wholesalers (Webinar)
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL This class of business is extremely interesting with specialized coverage created for the needs of manufacturing or wholesaling companies. Whether you manufacture goods, process food or wholesale products like electrical supplies, fruit and vegetables or clothing this webinar is for you. This two hour webinar covers property insurance, general liability insurance (including completed product and operations liability), inherent defect insurance and equipment break ...