Cambrian Shield Convocation


Sponsorship Opportunities

If your organization is passionate about ongoing professional development and interested in supporting this year’s special convocation event, Cambrian Shield's Virtual Convocation provides the perfect opportunity to get in front of a wide audience of industry professionals in celebration of the educational achievements of our newest graduates.

Sponsorship opportunities will include recognition on our convocation web page, on social media and during the live virtual event. Please contact Heather at for more details.

Steps to becoming a CIP

When you successfully complete your final exam in the CIP program, you are automatically eligible to graduate, but a few steps need to happen before you can begin using your CIP designation.

First, we need to ensure you meet the academic and employment requirements of the program, including at least one year of full-time employment in the industry. If we require any additional information from you, you will be notified by email.

Next, the formalities begin! Your name is put forward for election at the next meeting of the Board of Governors in late October 2021. Students who wrote (and passed!) their final exam in July are eligible to start using the CIP designation from November 1, 2021. Students who complete their CIP courses in December 2021 will be invited to attend convocation as a graduate in 2023.