The Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia offers a variety of seminar topics for members and insurance professionals. Most of our seminars are also available via webinar and provide CE credits for Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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Check back often for more information on these seminars/webinars we're planning for 2020-2021:

Cannabis: Insurance & Risk Management Implications
Fundamentals of Employment Law
Advanced Automobile Forensics
Jewelry Appraisals
Insurance to Value
Industry Trends and Predictions


Upcoming seminars and webinars:

  • WEBINAR: Fundamentals of Financials
    Fundamentals of Financials for the professional is addressed to all positions in the insurance industry. Webinar leader Melanie Needham will cover the basics of reading and understanding financial statements, including, but not limited to, the main four financials - Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Statement of Changes in Shareholder Equity – and how they’re used in underwriting the risk. This 2-hour webinar will include review of worksheets and activity logs. Seminar Le ...

  • What's the Word on Wood Heat?
    The world of wood heat can be overwhelming; let's work together to clear up some common concerns for our industry. When you leave this seminar, you will have enhanced your knowledge of wood heating appliances and their uses. In turn, you'll be able to provide better service information to clients from all areas of the insurance industry. Brokers: Learn how to ask the right questions when insuring property for your clients, and discuss the hazards, and benefits, of wood appliances. Master the art ...

  • Leading Insurance Coverage and Liability Cases
    THE CIP SOCIETY OF NOVA SCOTIA IS PLEASED TO BRING MARIO FIORINO OF IBC TO HALIFAX TO PRESENT THIS SESSION! In the dynamic and evolving world of p&c insurance, it’s vital that you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Join Mario Fiorino, Senior Council of the Insurance Bureau of Canada as he updates us on the most current and relevant information over the past year. You will navigate through the leading coverage and liability decisions of 2019-2020 dealing with the following issue ...

  • WEBINAR: Coaching Through Cultures
    Our business environments are changing rapidly and the needs of both organizations and management have changed irrevocably. In order to provide excellence in coaching we must integrate knowledge of cultural differences and corresponding organizational structures as they influence us in a multicultural work environment. Awareness of cultural differences can be the key that leads to success or failure in the multicultural business context, and mastering culturally relevant coaching skills may be a ...

  • WEBINAR: Wild about Watercraft Insurance
    Do you have clients and/or prospects who love the water and watersports like boating, sailing or cruising? Then don't miss this highly informative session on Watercraft Insurance! This interactive session touches on almost everything you need to know about Watercraft Insurance from a selling, underwriting and claims perspective. We will learn basic marine terminology, explore different types of watercraft and examine their uses. Once we know the basics we will delve into the policy wording of a ...

  • WEBINAR: Time Management Maximizing Outlook
    Maximize results! Enhance productivity and performance! Improve workflow and reduce stress! Time Management is a method of applying more efficient practices in regards to how we manage our work, particularly through the most effective use of our time. This is accomplished through skills and techniques applied in combination with the appropriate tools. Through Time Management training we learn how to be more organized, to prioritize our work in order to get more of the important things done, to m ...

  • WEBINAR: Dealing With the Strong Personality
    There are a number of people in the workplace who have a strong or forceful personality. This forcefulness can be problematic. These individuals can be a great asset to any team as they tend to be very decisive and typically they are very hard workers. But in some cases, the strong personality can also cause friction with co-workers and can create negative morale and motivation in the workplace. Many people find this personality type intimidating, and in some cases, they can be difficult to deal ...