CIP Licensing Equivalencies

Brokers/Agents can now take their CIP equivalency exams for C130, C131, and C132, in an online, virtually-proctored format.

While in-person exams continue to be impacted by the pandemic, the Institute will offer additional exam sessions to help expedite licensing requirements for candidates through CIP equivalencies.

Who is eligible to take a CIP equivalency exam?
Brokers and agents looking to obtain any of the levels of their provincial broker or agent license.

What classes can I obtain equivalencies for?
Take a look at our guide for information on the licensing requirements for your province.

Virtual On-Demand Licensing Exam and Course information
There are currently no On-Demand Licensing courses available for registration.

How to book an equivalency exam
For information on how to register for a CIP independent study or virtual classroom learning course, please call The Insurance Institute of Nova Scotia on 902-433-0070 or email

How virtual proctoring works
Visit our Virtually Proctored Exams page for vital information on how the exams are run, technical requirements and what to expect on the day.

Students who receive an X or Y grade will be permitted one rewrite following their unsuccessful attempt and it must be written in the next available regular examination session immediately following their unsuccessful attempt.

Rewrites cannot be written during the on-demand examination session. If grades are not released and registration is not completed prior to the rewrite registration deadlines below, the rewrite must be written in the next available regular examination session.

Students who receive a Z grade and students unsuccessful in their rewrite attempt will be required to retake the course through any learning option available.

Rewrite session Rewrite registration deadline
December October 15
April February 15
July June 1

The deadline to appeal exam is 7 business days from date of grade released. If the result of an appeal is not available prior to the rewrite examination, students may request that the rewrite be deferred to the next session. The fees for each appeal are indicated in the fee schedule.

Should you wish to appeal or rewrite your examination, please contact Member Services at 1-866-362-8585 before the deadlines noted above. We are open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. AST.