PowerTalk / Webinar: Occupant Restraints


334 Queen Street, Suite 202, Fredericton, NB [Map]
Date and Time: March 15, 2018 9:00 am - 11:30 am

In this PowerTalk, you will receive information pertaining to the relationship between the vehicle and occupant, in two module presentations.

MODULE A - Vehicle Occupant Motion:
Vehicle occupants can be seriously injured or killed during collisions and rapid acceleration events because they often contact surfaces in an uncontrolled and violent manner. Topics included:
• vehicle versus human dynamics during a collision;
• the types and function of various vehicle occupant restraint systems, and
• typical consequences of improper occupant restraint

MODULE B - Determining Seatbelt Use, Non-Use or Misuse:
An unbelted occupant is at increased risk of injury during a collision, as compared to belted occupants. In Atlantic Canada, unbelted occupants can see a 25 percent reduction in insurance compensation as a result of their contributory negligence. Topics included:
• proper and improper seatbelt use;
• airbags with seatbelts;
• seatbelt related evidence; and
• Occupant ejection - facts and myths.