Powertalks "Replacement Value vs Repair Cost"

Location Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Training Room (Downstairs)

1010 St.George Boulevard, Moncton, NB [Map]
Date and Time: September 21, 2017 9:00 am - 11:30 am

"Replacement Value vs Repair Costs"

Attend in person or via webinar

Whether a residential or commercial property, the difference between repair costs, replacement costs and actual cash value plays an important role in the sale and underwriting of policies as well as the adjusting of claims.

This presentation will discuss in depth differences between replacement cost policies and actual cash value policies.  This will help brokers and sales agents to better understand these coverage to best assess their client’s needs and provide assistance to adjusters navigating claims and trying to assess whether the claim should be handled on a repair cost, replacement cost or actual cash value basis.

We hope that through case studies and real-life examples, that you will gain a more thorough understanding of what is and is not covered under each of these policies to improve client satisfaction.

Seminar Leader: 
Jason Caissie

As an associate lawyer at Foster & Company, my specialty lies in civil litigation, including personal injury, insurance and family law. I am fluent in both English and French.

In 2005, I graduated from St. Thomas University with my Bachelor of Arts in History, minoring in Sociology and Criminology. In 2009 I received by Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of New Brunswick. Shortly afterwards, I was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar.

I am a member of the Law Society of New Brunswick, President of the York Sunbury Law Society, and a member of the Canadian Bar Association.

I grew up in the small community of Egmont Bay, Prince Edward Island and since moving to Fredericton I have become an active participant in my new hometown. While at university, I coached youth basketball at the YMCA and I am proud to volunteer with Youth In Transition Fredericton.