Learning Options

Different learning options to suit different learning needs.

2-Day Weekend Class Students in this class should expect to move through the material very quickly. To keep pace with the instruction, students are expected to have read the textbooks and to have successfully completed the online study quizzes before the first class. Students also need to be fully committed to completing additional readings or homework as assigned by the instructor. All weekend warriors starts on Friday evening for an introduction of the course, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Atlantic Time.

Upcoming Classes
2022 Schedule
May 28-29
June 25-26
July 23-24
August 20-21
September 24-25
October 22-23
November 19-20
December 17-18

Classes are scheduled monthly. To book your seat for future dates, contact Monique LeBlanc, the IINB Manager.

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Private in-house Class We also provide classes in our regular 5-Day or 10-Day formats for groups of five or more students. For more information about these classes, availability, and pricing contact Monique LeBlanc, the IINB Manager.

Self-Study This option is best for someone who prefers to learn at their own pace. Without any formal instruction, the ideal student for this option needs to be self-motivated. Our study kit includes the required textbooks and online tutorial with practice questions.

Learn on your own, at your own pace, and schedule your exam when you feel prepared.

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