Insurance Readiness Series

Features and Benefits

• The six-part Insurance Readiness Series is designed to onboard new hires and individuals working in the insurance industry but not in an insurance-related role, such as HR, IT, Accounting, Administration, etc.
• The staggered training sessions will gradually take you into the insurance world and provide you with a high-level overview of each line of business and roles to give you a well-rounded knowledge of the P&C Industry
•  Simple language is the key for insurance starters, and our reputable instructor has years of experience in training insurance new hires
•  Interactive and engaging learning environment will enhance your learning experience
•  Up-to-date real-life examples with assist with your comprehension
•  Virtual classes so you can attend the session from anywhere you’d prefer
•  Nine CE credits are provided once you complete the entire series.

Instructor- Anastasia Dubois, CIP, RPT

Profile Picture

Anastasia has been in the insurance industry for more than 25 years. Her previous roles include a Trainer at TD Insurance and Wawanesa Insurance. Her expertise includes training new hires, developing national curriculums, and implementing training programs. Anastasia not only has experience in the company side but also has strong knowledge in the direct writer and the broker world. With her intensive training background and strong insurance knowledge, we are grateful to have her as the Customer Relationship Manager for the Insurance Institute of Canada and the instructor for the Insurance Readiness Series.

Program Outline

Part 1 - Key Insurance Concepts

•  Risk and Its Components
•  The Insurance Product
•  Types of Insurance
•  Careers in Insurance (diversity & movement)
•  Getting to Know the IIC

Part 2 - Stakeholders & Legislation

•  The role of government
•  Roles of Agents/Brokers, underwriters and Adjusters
•  The Role of the Insurance Company and different types

Part 3 - Auto Insurance Overview

•  Why Auto insurance
•  The Distribution Channel
•  Policy Coverages
•  Common Endorsements
•  Claims examples/scenarios

Part 4 - Property Insurance Overview

•  Why Property insurance
•  Policy Coverages
•  Different Property Policies
•  Common Endorsements
•  Claims examples/scenarios

Part 5 - Liability Insurance Overview

•  Why Liability insurance
•  Key Definitions & ABC Rule
•  Policy Coverages
•  Umbrella Liability Policies
•  Claims examples/scenarios

Part 6 - Commercial Insurance Overview

•  What falls into Commercial Insurance
•  Commercial vs Personal
•  Types of commercial Policy Coverages
•  Common Endorsements
•  Claims examples/scenarios

If you want to register for the individual session, please contact Kimmy Fung at or 204.956.1702 ext 102.