• Insurance Essentials 101 (IIMB)
    *This is the registration page for IIMB members. Please register with your local Institute office: IISA WEBINAR | BUILDING | TECHNICAL If you are new to insurance and have limited knowledge of the Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance industry, this webinar is for you. Its purpose is to provide you an overview of the developments and functions of P&C insurance, introduce basic concepts and key roles in the process. It will be of benefit to administrative and support staff, accounts perso Ellipsis

  • Ice Dams: Formation, Prevention & Mitigation
    This webinar reviews the cause(s) of ice dams, covers steps to prevent their formation, and discussed mitigation of damage when an ice dam forms. We will also review IICRC standards to determine the categorization of water from ice dams. Topics will include, Ice dam basics, soffit ventilation, prevention, mitigation and water categorization. Presenter: Wei Chiet Thong Mr. Thong is experienced in the design of new structures, as well as the repair and retrofitting of existing structures. He has a Ellipsis

  • Wood Framed Roof Collapses
    During this webinar o ur Forensic Engineering expert will discuss the leading causes of roof collapses in Canada and examine the roles and responsibilities of designers, truss engineers, engineers of record, and builders and how they vary between residential, agricultural, and commercial structures. Presenter: Yannick Roy Yannick specializes in structural forensic engineering and leading multi-disciplinary teams of engineers on large and complex losses. With over 18 years of experience, he is a Ellipsis

  • Fundamentals of Restoration: Integrity in Claims (IIMB)
    This is the registration page for IIMB. Please register with your local Institute office: IIO-GTA , IINS . This session focuses on the market trends and issues as it relates to property claims in a post covid market. The session will help you understand property complexities, fraud potential, relationship to subrogation, awareness of the restoration process, mitigation strategies, early cause determination, and maintaining ethical practices. Attendees of this 2 hour session will learn: The 10 st Ellipsis