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Who should take the General Level 1 Agent/Broker Self Study Kit?

The Self-Study Kit is best to take if you:
✓ Are looking to complete the level 1 broker licensing program in the least amount of time
✓ Prefer to study at home, at your own pace - students have up to 6 months to complete the program
✓ Would like a flexible exam date

What is included in the kit?

✓ C81 General Insurance Essentials Part 1 textbook
✓ C82 General Insurance Essentials Part 2 textbook
✓ Manitoba Level 1 Agent/Broker online tutorial
✓ Manitoba Level 1 Agent/Broker exam
✓ Free IIM Membership

Licensing Exam and Exam Re-write

This self-study kit includes our licensing exam as part of the cost and you have up to 6 months from the date of purchase to complete the study and write the exam. Students wishing to write the exam beyond their 6 months course deadline may be subject to a $150 exam fee.
Level 1 Agent/Broker Examination Rules and Regulations

You will have up to 6 months from the date of receiving a failing grade to re-write the exam. When you are confident to do the exam re-write, please contact us to register. Please note that you will be required to purchase a new kit if you miss the re-write period (six months) and a new textbook has been released.

Exam Details

The level 1 licensing exam is two hours in duration, consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and a grade of 75% or better is required to pass. The exam is comprised of the following categories and sub-categories:

Automobile (26% of the Exam)
• Policy coverages, conditions, and exclusions
• Automobile Insurance Application
• Insurance and Risk Concepts
• Ratemaking

Business Insurance (6% of the Exam)
• Business Liability Insurance
• Business Property Insurance
• Surety Bonds

Claims (4% of the Exam)
• Claims

Habitational Insurance (25% of the Exam)
• Endorsements
• Fire Statutory Conditions
• Insurance and Risk Concepts
• Liability
• Policy Coverage

Industry Knowledge (39% of the Exam)
• Claims
• Insurance Companies, Categories, and Distribution
• Ethics and Professionalism
• Insurance and Risk Concepts
• Insurance Contract
• Underwriting and Rating

Virtually proctored exams results are available within 24 hours of writing. An email is sent when the results are available.


Still have questions about the licensing kit? Please contact us at iimmail@insuranceinstitute.ca

Manitoba General Level One Agent/Broker Kit


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Manitoba General Level 1 Textbooks (2020) $250.00
Manitoba General Level 1 Textbooks (2020)
Manitoba Licensing Level 1 Online Tutorial
Manitoba General Level 1 Agent/Broker Exam $150.00
Licensing Textbook Shipping Fee $25.00

PriceTotal $425.00