2017 Ethics Columns

November 2017 - "Rude Awakening" [PDF, 521 KB]
The claims process can be a tense time for insurance professionals involved, with things sometimes getting testy. Should criticism of a claims adjuster be included in an email between a broker and insurer, one in which both the adjuster and customer are also copied, then steps need to be taken to correct any wrongs done.

August 2017 - "Here Comes Trouble" [PDF, 532 KB]
The quick fix of terminating a producer suspected of unethical behaviour by simply cutting a cheque could have some lingering effects. Litigation costs and unpleasantness may be avoided, but what if the producer simply moves on to a new job and continues with the same questionable behaviour? What must a brokerage do to meet its obligations to its customers, its industry and regulators?

May 2017 - "Reaching Out" [PDF, 395 KB]
Suppose a change in regulation affects many of a broker’s clients. How much effort should brokers expend on notifying insureds of potential coverage gaps?

February 2017 - "Clouding the Issue" [PDF, 463 KB]
What if information about a specific claim, stored in the cloud as part of a company’s new cloud-based system, goes missing? What are the ethical responsibilities of the company, the claims adjuster, the manager and other employees who may have handled the file in the past?