2015 Ethics Columns

December 2015 - "Note-Worthy" [PDF, 1,671 KB]
For insurance professionals, taking note-taking seriously is no laughing matter. Dealing with a difficult, demanding or even threatening claimant can be trying for claims adjusters, but professionalism and accuracy in note-taking is paramount. Failing to do so can put the impartiality and reputation of both the adjuster and the company at risk.

September 2015 - "Educational Investment" [PDF, 275 KB]
Supporting the continuing education of brokerage employees promises to pay dividends. Brokerage owners should know that advancing staff efforts can improve internal culture and external perception of the business, its leaders and its staff.

May 2015 - "Tried and True" [PDF, 468 KB]
There is no getting around it: claims adjusters will encounter difficult and demanding claimants. But when a claimant grows unreasonable and combative, demanding too much, what is the best course of action for an adjuster wanting to advance a truly fair settlement and meet fiduciary duties to his or her employer?

March 2015 - "Gift of Giving?" [PDF, 384 KB]
Business gifts. Are they always sincere and simple demonstrations of appreciation? Or do these gifts sometimes come with strings attached? How can rules-based, people-based and situation-based guidance help insurance professionals determine an ethical course of action?