2014 Ethics Columns

August 2014 - "Who to Ask?" [PDF, 50 KB]
A junior underwriter is being tested by ethical dilemmas, but her manager does not seem open to providing guidance. On one occasion, she feels compelled to seek advice from a manager in another department, which creates tension between her and her manager. Is it okay for her to seek advice from someone other than her manager?

May 2014 - "Coincidental Run-in" [PDF, 723 KB]
What if a broker accidentally overhears a personal conversation on the street that is directly related to a client’s decision to cancel a policy? What possible responses are available to the broker, should he or she decide to employ a rules-based, people-based or situation-based approach?

February 2014 - "Delay Tactics" [PDF, 500 KB]
What should a broker do upon discovering that a producer has intentionally failed to advise clients about a necessary document or piece of information until a sales contest was under way, in order to ensure that new sales were revealed during contests? In doing so, clients felt they were fully covered when, in fact, they were not. Brokers agree this violates RIBO’s rules.