2013 Ethics Columns

November 2013 - "Unsocial Function" [PDF, 168 KB]
How does an insurance professional, who is attending a social function, deal with someone who voices vigorous disenchantment with the industry? One course of action may be for the industry and its professionals to do their best to educate and clearly communicate with the consumer — regardless of the setting.

September 2013 - "Side Deals" [PDF, 280 KB]
A broker is thinking of hiring a client in the construction business to work for him or her personally on a home renovation project. Doing business with friends and clients is not forbidden, but what are some of the ethical and business-practice considerations?

June 2013 - "Suspicious Minds" [PDF, 333 KB]
What happens when a claims adjuster becomes suspicious while going through a claim. Hearing about the insured’s reputation, the adjuster cannot shake his suspicions, and starts treating the insured differently. Is this behavior unprofessional or unethical?

April 2013 - "Who Do You Tell?" [PDF, 130 KB]
A seasoned broker who maintains good relationships with current and former clients notices that she is losing business to another producer. Upon investigation, she discovers the advice being provided by the other broker may be putting clients at risk. What’s an ethical broker to do?