2012 Ethics Columns

December 2012 - "The Reluctant Claimant" [PDF, 150 KB]
What are the ethical considerations in a situation where a policyholder, having experienced a serious car accident, displays tell-tale signs that he just wants the claims process to be over and done. What if an adjuster responds to that vulnerability by making a settlement offer that is too low?

October 2012 - "Who Owns It?" [PDF, 342 KB]
As with all businesses, people move on to new jobs and new employers. But who is the rightful owner of the client list of a producer, having built an impressive book of business over two decades, when he or she heads out the door?

July 2012 - "The Road to Greener Pastures" [PDF, 147 KB]
Brokers with excellent track records may be tempted to branch out into other areas of business, raising a duty to tell the clients when they are travelling in unfamiliar territory.

May 2012 - "Duty to Disclose" [PDF, 128 KB]
Sound business decisions may not always bode well for client relations, and when they don’t, is the broker duty-bound to tell the client?

March 2012 - "How Much is Enough?" [PDF, 144 KB]
Commercial brokers can sometimes find themselves caught in a discrepancy between how much coverage their clients think they need and how much coverage brokers believe their clients require. How much counsel is enough?