2010 Ethics Columns

October 2010 - "Out with the Old, in with the New" [PDF, 3.7 MB]
Brokerage purchasers have an ethical duty to treat the staff at the acquired firm with fairness and honesty.

August 2010 - "Coasting to Retirement" [PDF, 2 MB]
Generation gaps can lead to sticky situations between senior and junior producers. Brokerage owners must do their part to ensure appropriate practices are in place.

June 2010 - "Optimizing or misleading?" [PDF, 242 KB]
In a fast-paced environment, relying on an assistant or a team member to help manage client relations may be a necessity. But is it always prudent?

April 2010 - "Difficult Disclosure" [PDF, 317 KB] 
In recent years, the industry has witnessed more than one incident involving compromised consumer data. Whether that breach was intentional—hackers breaking through firewalls and stealing data—or the result of human error, both situations beg the question: How do you protect information?

February 2010 - "Rumour Mill" [PDF, 109 KB]
When do you act on a rumour in the workplace? Only if due diligence is part of your job.