2007 Ethics Columns

November 2007 - "In Over Your Head?" [PDF, 169 KB]
Have you heard the expression “fake it until you make it?” This old adage suggests that people should act like they know what they are doing even if they don’t. The intention is to instill a level of confidence in others about one’s expertise even if it is unwarranted. However, when does such behaviour cross the line into the danger zone?

September 2007 - "Wining and Dining" / When Does Business Socializing Go Over the Top? [PDF, 266 KB]
In this ethics dilemma, a senior commercial underwriter has been working with a broker on a challenging and premium-sensitive file. One evening, this underwriter is at a restaurant with a small group of friends. He recognizes this broker at another table and they exchange pleasantries. When the underwriter’s group requests the dinner check, they are advised that it had been looked after by the broker before he departed the restaurant. What action should this commercial underwriter take? Did the broker act ethically?

July 2007 - "Perception versus Reality" [PDF, 2.6 MB]
A home inspector goes out to conduct an inspection to determine insurance coverage. The homeowner appears uncomfortable and without explanation abruptly ends the meeting. As follow-up a customer service representative calls the homeowner, who describes the inspector’s behaviour as unprofessional and not at all what she expected. Is he perhaps unwittingly conducting himself in a manner that is proper and appropriate from his perspective but seems impolite, overbearing or unseemly to the client?

May 2007 - "Doing the Right Thing? " [PDF, 159 KB] 
With this issue, the CIP Society and Canadian Insurance Magazine are introducing a new ethics column. Thinking about corporate and professional ethics is important for a number of reasons and we are excited to be initiating a dialogue with readers.