Ethics Columns

The CIP Society has been publishing a quarterly column on professional ethics in industry trade magazines since 2007. These columns are intended to engage our members and the insurance community in the practice of ethical thinking and decision-making. Given the timelessness of many of these ethical dilemmas, we archive the articles here for your reference, and encourage you to watch for future articles in Canadian Underwriter.

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Most Recent

August 2021- "Overheard" [PDF]
What should you do when you have reason to believe a colleague is in an abusive relationship?

August 2020- "Balancing Act" [PDF]
What happens when an agreement is breached due to COVID-19?

December 2019 - "Soaring Above the Pile" [PDF]
Does it become an ethical issue when claims workloads start to pile too high? 

July 2019 - "Juggling Priorities" [PDF]
How a hard market can turn conflicting priorities into an ethical issue

March 2019 - "After Further Review" [PDF]
An insured is owed more money than they claimed. Do you disclose the oversight?

October 2018 - "The Ethics of Cost-Efficiency" [PDF]
A junior staffer commits a typo while working on a certificate of insurance, leaving a client without coverage. How to do more for less responsibly?

May 2018 - "Sales Incentives" [PDF]
If a company raises broker awareness of a product through incentives, does that cast doubt on a spike in sales production?