Professional Ethics

As a graduate of the Insurance Institute and member of the CIP Society, you are expected to conduct yourself both professionally and ethically.

Given the complexity of insurance principles and practice, there exist grey areas of interpretation as to what denotes ethical behaviour in particular situations. The CIP Society promotes the highest level of professional ethics and ensures you are able to make the best decisions – transparently, professionally, and credibly, and without conflict of interest or suspected motives.

Code of Ethics

The Insurance Institute’s Code of Ethics  is applicable to all elected FCIPs, CIPs, and Honorary Chartered Insurance Professionals (HCIPs), including all members eligible for election.

Ethics Columns

The CIP Society  is pleased to publish a quarterly column on professional ethics in an industry trade magazine. Each article explores complex issues surrounding a real-life ethical dilemma members may encounter in the workplace. We encourage you to watch for and discuss future columns in Canadian Underwriter and, given the timelessness of the ethical issues explored, we encourage to reference our past articles as well. You can access our online archive here.