Lifelong Learning and Professional Development

The constantly changing world of insurance requires that as industry professionals you keep up with your understanding of emerging trends and issues. To help you, our members, with your lifelong learning, the CIP Society offers many opportunities to continue to hone your skills and education.

The CIP Society offers:


Our ADVANTAGE LIVE webinar series provides a national forum for exchanging ideas and the opportunity to add your own insights on important trends in the industry.

PROedge Seminars

PROedge seminars are designed for the graduate level of understanding. Contact your local institute or chapter for more information about seminars taking place near you.

Rhind Scholarships

Rhind Scholarships are available if you require financial assistance to continue your insurance-related education.

National Leadership Awards

The annual National Leadership Awards program, introduced in 2009, recognizes our industry leaders and inspires all members to advance their education, experience, ethics and excellence.

The Advanced CIP

The Advanced CIP was developed for those looking to acquire and strengthen critical thinking, problem solving and communications skills. This new certificate is a natural next step to help you progress in your career.

Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) Designation

The highly valued FCIP Program is designed for current and future leaders in the p&c insurance sector. With the industry’s most distinguished credential, you will send a clear message that you are leadership material.