Emerging Leader

Tammie Norn, FCIP

CEO, ProFormance Group Inc., Pickering, ON

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One of the marks of a good leader is being able to nurture strengths in others, and Tammie Norn does this incredibly well. Making an impact is important to her, and she succeeds by working hard and delivering on her commitments, despite having many. “The insurance industry has many special people,” writes one of her supporters, “and Tammie Norn is a leader among them.”

Tammie has always focused on education, both as a student and a teacher. She completed her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation in 2001 and her Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) in 2008. She has been instrumental in developing training and educational opportunities for the industry, creating and teaching courses at the Insurers’ Advisory Organization’s (IAO’s) School with CGI, and helping to develop in-depth injury training modules for both the Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA) and the Insurance Institute.

While developing material for training, Tammie demonstrated her ability to both lead and be a member of the team, bringing in various perspectives to help increase the value of the program for future students and always keeping the benefit of the adjusters and the industry in mind. She was willing and able to take on whatever tasks were required to ensure the project got off the ground in a timely manner; from being technical editor to facilitator to promoter.

“Tammie gives credit where credit is due and takes the time to thank and acknowledge those around her,” writes a supporter. “She always walks behind her team, does not seek recognition, but quietly influences those around her. Tammie makes a difference.”

Tammie started her own business, ProFormance Adjusting Solutions Inc. , in 2008. In five short years, she has grown it in a challenging market to three locations with 23 staff, a subsidiary, and most recently, a parent company. Perhaps most significantly, many of her current staff members are individuals that she has taught and guided herself through her various adjusting initiatives.

As a proponent of careers in the industry, Tammie spent three years as an Insurance Institute Career Connections’ ambassador, helping connect young people with insurance careers, and has served on the CIP Society National Council. She is the President of the OIAA and chair’s its adjuster training committee, and is a member of the Canadian Independent Insurance Adjusters Association (CIAA).

Outside of the industry, Tammie has committed to a big challenge, pairing up with the Jennifer Ashley Children’s Charity (JACC), which provides financial assistance to families of seriously ill children. She began helping in 2010, sponsoring teddy bears and donating gifts to a yearly raffle. When it came time to organize an event to formally launch ProFormance Adjusting, Tammie decided to make it count and paired with JACC to host a fundraiser. Now an annual event, the fundraiser has helped raise increasingly more money, with $10,000 raised in 2013. Tammie is also in the midst of planning a 5k fun run/walk to take place at the end of September 2013 to help build awareness and raise more money for the charity. Since 2012, she has sat on JACC’s Board of Directors.

It gives the CIP Society immense pleasure to recognize Tammie Norn as an Emerging Leader in 2013.