Emerging Leader

Phillip Robichaud, D.V.M., LL.B., FCIP

General Manager, COO, Pictou Mutual Insurance Company, Pictou, NS

Phillip Robichaud has a passion for learning, for sharing that knowledge through teaching and mentoring and for inspiring engagement and commitment in others. His educational accomplishments attest to his passion for learning: he is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; a lawyer who served as defense counsel in civil cases, sometimes involving insurance; a Level IV independent adjuster; and now a FCIP and general manager/COO of the Pictou Mutual Insurance Company.

His leadership at Pictou Mutual has instilled this value of education in everyone as he mentors and encourages both staff and Board members to enroll in Institute courses, industry seminars and conferences. Through the recruitment, training and mentoring of high quality engaged insurance professionals and the implementation of extensive product, process and marketing initiatives, Phillip’s leadership has transformed Pictou Mutual Insurance Company into a competitive, full-service property & casualty insurer in Nova Scotia. He empowers staff to achieve levels of personal and professional development and skills that ensure proactive succession planning for the ongoing success of the company and the individual. And he has initiated and implemented broad-sweeping organizational changes at the Board of Directors level, including ‘across the board’ educational and training initiatives to ensure maximum oversight and guidance of company operations.

As one nominator states: “I first met Phillip in 2001 when I was asked by my Manager to sit in on a job interview where Phillip was to be considered for employment with a national independent adjusting firm. I was very impressed with him from the first moment of that meeting. I then watched in amazement during the first year as Phillip not only passed all 12 CIP courses but did so with honours, top marks and awards not only provincially but nationally as well. I have worked with Phillip in different capacities since that first meeting in 2001 and he continues to impress me with his energy and drive, his excellent work ethic, continuing education, mentoring, volunteer and charity work, and more.”

He found time to organize and plan the 2009 convention of the Maritime Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, whose theme was “Doing Right by Doing Good” and was attended by more than 100 insurance delegates. In all of this, he also runs a vibrant commercial purebred horse and sheep farm, offers his veterinary advice and services free of charge, teaches basic horsemanship clinics for pony clubs and riding stables, and now, through the Pictou Mutual Community Foundation, he and the company have an even greater opportunity to make a difference in the communities in which Pictou Mutual conducts business.

The Pictou Mutual Community Foundation was created and founded by Phillip in 2009, through the start-up donation of a million dollars from Pictou Mutual Insurance Company. As Managing Director, he will oversee the annual donations to qualified community causes and activities that foster community growth and program development.

As one nominator sums up Phillip: “His has been a life of endeavour and accomplishment, of work done willingly and capably. If I can accomplish half the things he does, half as well as he does them, I would consider myself a complete success.”

The CIP Society is very pleased to recognize Phillip Robichaud as an Emerging Leader.