Emerging Leader

Jonathan Stone, FCIP

Manager, Claims Response Centre, TD Insurance, Saint John, NB

Jonathan’s commitment, support, dedication and high personal standards have made him a dedicated member of our industry and our Society who has a passion for learning and has outstanding leadership skills.

Jonathan came to insurance in 2000 after a background in hospitality and a few years as a freelance journalist. He got his start with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company as an Insurance Sales Counselor, and was promoted to Training and Quality Specialist within his first year of employment.

Two-thousand and three was a banner year in which Jonathan received his CIP designation, taking just two and a half years to finish the then 12 courses of the program; was promoted to Team Leader; and received Liberty Mutual Chairman’s Award for Canada.
As one nominator stated: “During his successive progressions, he was responsible for establishing a virtual client service office to service the Western Region. As this was a completely new business unit, Jonathan was responsible for hiring more than 90 employees including analysts and Team Leaders.”

More education and more promotions followed: He completed his FCIP in 2008 as the Top Fellow in New Brunswick and runner-up Fellow in Canada; and became Manager of TD Insurance’s new National Claims Response Centre created in Saint John and employing 75 people. This Centre receives more than 4000 new claims calls per week from all over Canada. Jonathan’s team, under his leadership, received the highest employee satisfaction survey results in the company for the past two surveys.

Jonathan gives back to the Institute and the industry as an instructor for the Insurance Institute of New Brunswick and has taught several courses over the past five years with great success and positive student feedback. He is an excellent role model for everyone in the industry.

The same passion, commitment and dedication that he gives to his work team and his profession, he also gives to being a fullback on a competitive soccer team – the Saint John Masters, third time provincial champions. His love of soccer provides an opportunity to give back to the community. He often volunteers to organize tournaments and assists with minor leagues and to referee local school games, having obtained a referee certification three years ago. This is in addition to the multitude of charity function s Jonathan promotes and attends through work.

As one nominator stated: “I met Jonathan several years ago while we were both working on our FCIP designations and I was immediately impressed with his quiet and attentive manner. He always took his studies seriously and never let some of the university scene distract him from his task at hand. I later met him when he was interviewing me for a position as a Team Leader at TD Insurance and again I saw the same quiet dignity in his demeanour. Once I started to work with him, I realized it was his vision and creativeness that kept him in that quiet look. I am always impressed at this ability to think three steps ahead instead of just in the moment. His time to reflect on the outcomes of actions has saved us from some poor decisions in the past. He has always been very committed to his work, his employer and his co-workers and as an example, I have always found him willing to give me advice or guidance in some process that I’m having difficulty working around.”

It is with great pleasure that the CIP Society recognizes Jonathan Stone as an Emerging Leader.