Established Leader

Johanne Lépine, FPAA

Executive Vice President and Leader Eastern Canada, Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., Montreal, QC

Photo of Johanne Lepine

Johanne Lépine leads by example and has established herself as an exceptional manager who brings out the best in the people around her. “Her leadership, her perseverance, her diplomacy, her integrity, her sensitivity and her tremendous generosity make her a model for all those who want to make a difference in the profession and in the community,” writes one of her supporters. Johanne is a respected member of her organization’s team and an inspiration to many of her friends and colleagues, both in and outside of the industry. Johanne joined Aon in 1978 and has since worked in a variety of managerial positions, moving up from Broking Manager for the Quebec region, to Assistant Branch Manager, to Regional Director for Quebec, and most recently, in 2011, Executive Vice President & Leader for Eastern Canada. In her current role she is responsible for the insurance brokerage and risk management operations for Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, which represent a large portion of Aon’s business in Canada. Johanne completed her Fellow, Professionnel d’assurance agréé (FPAA) designation in 2000, in the midst of advancing in her career.

Johanne’s professional strategy – one that has worked very well for her over the years – being prepared for the unexpected, and getting the right people on board on her team. Johanne is not afraid to make changes in order to get the desired results. Her business approach has been lauded as best practices and her strategies have been adopted and reproduced nationwide across the company.

Johanne is a proponent of mentoring and is involved as an executive mentor in Aon’s Leaders of Tomorrow program, which encourages young talent from within the organization to develop their business and leadership skills. In addition, Johanne has carved an important space for women in her company and in the industry. This is evidenced by the fact that nearly 50% of Aon employees are women, and the same percent hold senior positions at Aon.

Johanne has been involved with an impressive number of business associations over the years, including the Metropolitan Montreal Board of Trade Foundation, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the Cercle des presidents du Québec. She also participates in many industry associations, including L’Institut d’assurance de dommages du Québec, the Association of Quebec Women in Finance, Montreal Association of Insurance Women, Quebec Risk Insurance Management Association and the International Women’s Forum.

Johanne is the recipient of multiple awards over the years, including the Woman of Distinction Award, Business & Professions category, presented by the Women’s Y Foundation in 2011; the Inspiration Award presented by the Association of Quebec Women in Finance in 2010; the Rare Pearl Award presented by the Montreal Board of Trade in 2003; and the Insurance Woman of the Year | Mildred Jones Award presented by the Montreal Association of Insurance Women in 2002.

A strong advocate for giving back, Johanne believes it is everyone’s responsibility to invest in their communities. Since the beginning of her career, she has been involved in various charitable and social causes and has encouraged members of her team to get involved along with her, leveraging strength in numbers.

For more than a decade, she has been involved with the Foundation of the Women’s Centre of Montreal as a Board Member, and recently as a Governor Member. Johanne is a member of the Board of Directors of the Marie-Vincent Foundation, an organization providing assistance to children under the age of 12 who are victims of sexual abuse. She is an honorary member of the WAMS Committee of the Quebec division of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Last year she was the Honoary Co-President for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. Johanne is also involved in Centraide (United Way) of Greater Montreal. From 2004 to 2007 she was responsible for the General Insurance division of the organization’s fundraising campaign. She took up this role again in 2014.

For all her hard work, dedication and successes, it gives the CIP Society great pleasure to recognize Johanne Lépine as an Established Leader in 2014.