2021 Established Leader

Glenda Ouellette, BA, MBA, FCIP
HUB International
Langley, BC

This profile is based on excerpts from the nomination package submitted by Leanne Taylor, Associate Vice President, Auto Client Service Center, HUB International Insurance Brokers.

“Glenda has passion for people, business, life, and learning. She brings an incredible presence to a room that attracts people to want to engage with her,” writes Glenda’s supporter Kerry McLaughlin. Throughout her remarkable career, Glenda has touched the lives of many within the p&c industry and has had a profound impact that has made ripples across her organization and beyond.

At HUB International Insurance Brokers in Burnaby, British Columbia, Glenda is a member of the local senior leadership team responsible for HUB’s major auto business portfolios. She is responsible for auto revenue, governance, training, policies and procedures including, the renewal contact centre, account executives, the commercial auto team and their Colwood MGA. As part of her mandate, she ensures that all HUB employees understand the ever-changing auto insurance landscape and their team provides exceptional client service.

Glenda has tremendous managerial courage. She’s an excellent listener and has the power to engage her followers not by being the loudest person in the room, but by confidently demonstrating her knowledge, wisdom, experience and skills. She’s able to communicate complex issues clearly and efficiently, and is not afraid to speak her mind and address organizational blind spots, which she does with incredible tact and a collaborative spirit.

Glenda is always up for a new challenge and colleagues across the HUB organization respect and seek out her professional contributions. She is a mentor to many – both formally and informally. “The way she shows up in every situation sets the example for others and they’re inspired to set new, stretch goals for themselves,” writes her nominator. Glenda is always thoughtful when it comes to recognizing the contributions of her colleagues, and she is known for acknowledging others with personal written note cards and meaningful gifts.

Previously in her career, Glenda led ICBC’s Broker Distribution and Driver Licensing Divisions and the road safety mandate at ICBC was of particular interest to her. At the age of 19 Glenda’s brother lost his life in an auto accident, an event that changed her family forever. In memory of her brother, she made a commitment to help prevent such tragic accidents and recognized the value of insurance to those going through such a loss. To that end, Glenda had the opportunity to work with the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles on the RoadSafety BC program on numerous initiatives and also worked with the BC Government on the British Columbia Services Card project, the first chip-enabled government identity card successfully implemented in North America.

Glenda is passionate about lifelong learning and has earned her BA, MBA and FCIP. She has been a long-time promotor of personal and professional development as demonstrated by her involvement with the Insurance Institute of British Columbia and the Insurance Institute of Canada in multiple capacities. She has volunteered her time as Council and Executive Board Member for British Columbia, was Vice Chair Western Canada on the national executive committee from 2013-2015, and has been an examiner for the final Course Capstone Projects for the FCIP for the last six years.

Glenda has been an active volunteer with the Army Cadet League of Canada since 2010, became Chair of the National Budget Committee in 2015, and was elected to the National Board of Directors as Treasurer in 2019. In her leadership role, Glenda has skillfully overseen the organization’s financial portfolio, governance policies and processes, resulting in the improved financial health of the League.

Glenda has also been heavily involved with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in BC and Yukon for nearly a decade, most recently as Board President and Chair of the Executive Committee of the Board. She is also a member of their National Board. She has navigated the organization during the global pandemic and is overseeing a restructuring at the same time. She has inspired collaboration among various stakeholders, identified opportunities for the Award and bridged connections to donors and corporations to support the program and young people across BC and Yukon.

“[Glenda] is a consummate professional who leads by example in a calm, nurturing manner which people respond to,” writes supporter Cathy Bach, President of the Army Cadet League of Canada. “She is a team player and knows how to get the best out of people. Her manner also includes mentoring those around her consistently. She is focused and goal oriented and ensures she is always up to date and current in all aspects of her work life and volunteer life.”

Glenda is most proud of her family, sons Nicolas and Robert, daughter-in-law Olivia, grandsons Mayson and Bowen, and husband of 30 years, Bruno.

It gives the CIP Society immense pleasure to recognize Glenda as an Established Leader in 2021.