Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader award recognizes CIP Society members who, through some early achievements and successes, are seen as emerging leaders within their organizations, the industry and their communities. The National Leadership Awards Program has defined the specific qualities of an emerging leader as:

Personal Qualities

Team player: Engages and includes others and treats everyone with respect.
Role model: Inspires others and sets a good example.
Good communicator: Communicates complex thoughts and ideas.

Professional Commitment and Accomplishments

Professional: Passionate about and dedicated to his/her profession.
Problem-solver: Able to take on and overcome new and complex challenges.
Determined: Consistently sets and achieves new goals.
Educated: Passionate about lifelong learning

Industry Contributions

Committed: Contributes personal time to the success of the industry.
Involved: Active in the Institute(s) or other industry organizations.
Innovator: Embraces progress and change.

Community Contributions

Altruistic: Shows compassion and care towards others.
Dedicated: Contributes personal time and resources to his/her community.
Resourceful: Develops creative solutions that impact his/her community.


Emerging Leader award nomination form [PDF, 252 KB]
Emerging Leader award nomination form [Word, 118 KB]
Nomination guide [PDF, 901 KB]