The Award

In "good company"

Each year’s award honourees will be inducted into the CIP Society Leadership Circle. Each honouree will receive a one-of-a-kind steel sculpture, handcrafted by Canadian metalsmith Boris Kramer, called “Good Company.”

This sculpture, which is an abstract grouping of figures, is a fitting choice for all that it symbolizes. The weight of the steel reinforces the notion of solid strength. The figures depict individuality and character. The grouping represents the Leadership Circle, as well as collaboration and community. The sculpture’s uniqueness acknowledges each winner’s distinct leadership qualities and contribution.

Each sculpture comes with a certificate of authenticity, the artist’s bio, and a poem (penned by the artist’s father, Richard Kramer).


To our leaders

Good Company

What rare and special joy it is
To see and meet good company!
Where all unite through common vision,
A vision unattainable alone.
Where each has learned to share
A special gift with gladness
When mutual respect has led
To mutual acceptance
Group support surrounds
The leadership
And leaders say without regret:
“Your company is worth the effort.”