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This easy-access online library now hosts nearly 40 trends papers on emerging topics in the industry, providing insight and perspective where an analysis of the Canadian landscape is so important. More detailed than a newspaper article, but quicker reading than a research report, the papers include background information, case studies, legal implications, and present the opinions of industry thought leaders.

The papers can be enjoyed on mobile, and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues and professional circles on LinkedIn. The latest papers include:

Year in Review: Insurance Trends of 2016

Image of weather vane2016 began on a hopeful note on the back of the Paris Climate Conference. In April, the PBO released a report into the country’s GHG emissions, spelling out the challenges that would have to be overcome for Canada to meet its target. Canada’s first ministers are now finalizing a national climate change strategy. This year, flood cover also became less of a murky issue as insurers begin to offer it to householders. 2016 also provided the backdrop for Canada’s costliest ever natural disaster – the Alberta fires. Unfortunately, the apparent lack of cyber preparedness continues to be a problem for many companies with large-sale hacks making the news. Lastly, the impending legalization of recreational marijuana could present a growth opportunity for the insurance industry.

This trends paper provides an overview of the year’s most important insurance events, as well as policy and legal decisions.

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What Insurance Professionals Need to Know About Cannabis in Canada

Image of marijuana leafMarijuana has been a popular topic with the media this past year. Undoubtedly, one reason the topic has had so much play is the federal government’s plan to introduce legislation to legalize marijuana in Canada. But, beyond the government’s announced plans (or perhaps because of it), there has also been much activity related to the drug, including activities like storefront dispensaries popping up in cities across Canada – that have created a haze of confusion about where things stand for this substance.

This trends paper will update you on the current status of cannabis in Canada and provide information about changes expected for 2017. It also presents some of the challenges and opportunities these changes may have for the insurance industry.

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The Insurance Professional’s Role in Emergency Preparedness

Image of emergency kitThe increasing number and severity of storms, tinder-dry forests that are a lightning strike away from becoming a raging fire, not to mention the ever-present threat of the big earthquake seismologists anticipate for the Pacific coast, are all risks that the insurance industry and insurance professionals are poised to respond to. But, the role of the insurance professional in engaging customers in emergency preparedness is also very important to the industry. After all, working with customers to persuade them to take steps to prepare for emergencies can help prevent claims, or reduce the amount of a claim.

This trends paper will focus on ways insurance professionals can help customers be better prepared for emergencies.

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