Updated online trends paper library – Now search by topic!

We have recently updated our trends paper library, which now hosts over 50 trends papers on emerging topics in the industry, to be searchable by topic. Visit the library today to find papers in topic categories including climate change, liability and specialty risk.

Screenshot of trends paper library categoriesOur trends papers provide insight and perspective, with an emphasis on the Canadian experience. More detailed than a newspaper article, but quicker reading than a research report, the papers include background information, case studies, legal implications, and present the opinions of industry thought leaders.

The papers can be enjoyed on mobile, and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues and professional circles on LinkedIn.

The latest papers include:

Mergers & acquisitions

This trends paper reviews the backdrop for recent insurance mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Canada and globally, including factors such as climate change, tougher solvency capital requirements, more aggressive risk management procedures, additional enterprise risk controls, and regulatory compliance.

Cyberbullying coverage

This trends paper looks at the personal side of cyber. While insurance discussions in the past have focused on liability and coverage for the family of the accused of cyberbullying, a new product shifts the focus to the subject – the victim – of cyberbullying.

Reputation risk insurance

In this trends paper, we look at what has traditionally been considered an intangible risk: that of reputation. While reputation can be defined in several ways, at its core it’s about expectations. It is a valuable asset for businesses, and is considered one of the top ten global business risks. This trends paper looks at measuring reputation risk and loss, and reviews insurance responses to mitigating reputation risk.