New to the Society? Welcome New Grads!

As a graduate of the CIP program, you just became a member of the CIP Society, the professional division of the Insurance Institute. Congratulations and welcome!

And as a member of the Society, you are now able to use your professional designation, the CIP, following your name. We encourage you to use these three letters in your email signature, on your LinkedIn profile and on your business cards.

Benefits for both you and the industry

Your membership in the Society provides you with a broad range of benefits, which we invite you to explore here.

From our membership surveys conducted in previous years, our members have told us that their favourite benefit is the daily industry newsletter, featuring news stories from Canadian Underwriter and Advisen. If you don't start receiving the Daily in your mailbox this week, please contact our Member Services team at

Did you know?

Your membership in the Society supports our various research initiatives, including our library of trends papers, now available widely to the industry. Our most recent papers cover topics including M&A and parametric insurance, as well as legal liability claims.

The CIP Society also supports the Institute's demographic research, with the third and latest research published last fall. The research helps ensure that the Institute's programs and services accurately meet the needs of the industry's stakeholders, and provides employers valuable insights about their employees to promote an engaged and happy workforce (that's you!).

And the CIP Society heads the Emerging Issues Research Series of annual reports, on topics including the changing workforce (2018)sharing economy (2017), automated vehicles (2016) and cyber risks (2015). These reports have become an important resource for stakeholders involved in conversations on these important topics within and without our industry, including regulators and various levels of government. A new research report on climate risks is forthcoming early next year, and is expected to provide valuable insight into how severe weather presents operational, investment and regulatory risks and opportunities for our industry.

What's next?

While you have just completed a major milestone in your professional development, we encourage you to not lose your momentum. Please check out our mycareer resources for help exploring the lateral and vertical opportunities in your organization and the industry. The tools and tips available on the website can help guide you as you map your career and explore education pathways to realize your full professional potential!