Commercial Insurance Certificate program coming soon

Commercial product mediumChanging technology and innovation are re-shaping the insurance landscape and commercial lines insurance underwriters and risk assessors have had to match that pace of change.


The Insurance Institute’s new Commercial Insurance Certificate program has been designed with the needs of the rapidly evolving commercial insurance industry in mind.  In order to be successful in their future roles, insurance professionals will need to be adaptable. This new program encompasses the day-to-day skills and competencies needed for commercial insurance. This includes bridging from the personal to commercial lines environment, and  having a wide-range of knowledge of commercial risks as opposed to focusing on forms.   


Two key features of this 3-course program are a focus on collaborative skills and a scenario-based learning approach. Developing collaborative skills will lead to better relationships between insurance professionals, helping students to be more effective on the job. Scenario-based learning through the use of case studies allows for better engagement and interaction within the program, giving students the opportunity to immediately apply concepts in their workplaces.


The program’s introductory course identifies and explains the critical components of commercial insurance. This includes reviewing contextual factors, stakeholders, and an overview of some of the key tasks involved in delivering commercial insurance.

This three course program consists of:

Course 1: Commercial Insurance Essentials -- a foundational course in commercial insurance
Course 2: Commercial Exposures and Solutions – an analysis of commercial risks and insurance products and specialty lines; 
Course 3: Applied Commercial Solutions  – a course that includes an in-depth applied case, and a look at strategic issues and paradigm shifts in the industry.

The commercial insurance landscape is changing in exciting ways.  Advancements in automation and AI have transformed data analysis and administrative tasks, allowing underwriters to spend their time and energy on the more professionally rewarding aspects of the business. For professionals who want to expand their career from personal to commercial lines or for commercial insurance professionals looking to diversify their knowledge, the Institute’s Commercial Insurance Certificate provides a unique learning experience with real-world relevance.