The importance of ethics in the industry

The CIP Society continues to put the discourse of ethics at the forefront. Through our ongoing columns in Canadian Underwriter, we highlight the importance of being able to identify ethical dilemmas, present different perspectives, and propose various resources and strategies available to resolve them.

Our past columns have covered a wide array of topics including how to deal with confidential information, the importance of data integrity, and how to help clients understand the responsibility of all parties to the insurance contract.

We look forward to expanding our library of columns and hope to engage you on a number of emerging issues.

Past ethics columns are available as PDFs on our website and on the Canadian Underwriter website.

Here’s the latest:

Clouding the Issue
What if information about a specific claim, stored in the cloud as part of a company's new cloud-based system, goes missing? What are the ethical responsibilities of the company, the claims adjuster, the manager and other employees who may have handled the file in the past?