Demographic research is underway

''The Institute has been pleased to conduct demographic research, for the benefit of the industry, since 2007. We hope you are familiar with our previous reports that have provided valuable insight to the industry.

 Significant changes have taken place in the general labour force in Canada since the last study and are projected going forward. It is timely to replicate the demographic research at this time, to assess the changes that have taken place in the industry’s workforce over the last five to 10 years and are anticipated going forward.

The Institute is pleased to announce that we have contracted with the Conference Board of Canada for this 2017/18 demographic research, specifically to conduct the 5 phases of data collection, research changing workforce issues, and benchmark the industry’s workforce compared to other sectors and Census Canada data. The Conference Board brings extensive experience working in our industry and tremendous knowledge about talent management issues.

Phase 1

 Survey of senior human resources professionals

 April/May 2017

Phase 2

 Demographic analysis of the industry's workforce (census)

 June to August 2017

Phase 3

 Survey of current industry employees*

 October/November 2017

Phase 4

 Survey of executives and thought-leaders

 October/November 2017

Phase 5

 Demographic analysis of Canada’s workforce (Stats Canada 2016 census data) / research on emerging trends

 Census labour data becomes available November 29, 2017


 Research Reports released

 August/September 2018


 Presentations on Research Findings to Board, HR, members, in a series of seminars across the country

 September to December 2018

*You may be invited by your employer to participate in an industry wide survey supporting this research.

Expected Key Outcomes of the Research:

    An understanding of the major recruitment and retention challenges faced by employers in the P&C insurance industry, as well as potential strategies to mitigate these challenges.

    Insights about how the skill requirements of the P&C insurance industry’s workforce are changing.

    A comparison of how the P&C insurance industry’s demographic trends contrast with the rest of Canada’s labour force.

    An understanding of the strategic implications of key emerging issues for the P&C insurance industry’s professional work force and appropriate recommendations to manage these challenges.

    A 10-year outlook (2017-2027) projecting the potential change in the P&C insurance industry that may be attributable to demographic trends and to emerging issues.

    Identification of the degree to which the perceptions of the industry (CEO, HR and employees) are consistent with the demographic realities and the key emerging issues that are likely to have the most influence on the composition of the industry’s future workforce.

Watch for more information and updates on our website.