Spring 2017

CIP Society Highlights

This spring edition of ADVANTAGE Quarterly marks a year since we’ve moved the newsletter online. As a result of the opinions and preferences coming out of the 2015 membership survey, last year we debuted an online format to better serve your needs. We hope you are enjoying easy access to the latest CIP Society news in our mobile-friendly format. Tell us what you think at cips@insuranceinstitute.ca.

All about sharing…

In this issue, we are happy to announce the publication of the third research report in the Emerging Issues Research Series. Sharing Economy: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada takes a comprehensive approach to defining the sharing economy and its drivers, and examines the multitude of ways that the sharing economy is expected to intercept with the insurance industry.  From creating new opportunities with new lines of business, to introducing threats via new competitors, the sharing economy is expected to have an impact on our industry and the research report encourages stakeholders to get involved in the transformations taking place.

And about timing…

We also have two important deadlines approaching this spring that we want you to take note of: 1) nominations for the CIP Society National Leadership Awards program must be submitted by June 1; don’t miss an opportunity to nominate a deserving colleague for the prestigious award! And 2) submissions for the Rhind Scholarships are due by May 31; review the three tiers of the scholarship program to find out more.

Happy spring and happy reading!