Our Library of Trends Papers

Since 2007, the CIP Society has been publishing papers focused on emerging issues for the benefit of CIP Society members.

Over the years, our papers have covered a variety of trends, niche markets, and new products, including the sharing economy, construction insurance and cyberbullying coverage.

The library was conceived as a resource to help our members navigate unique p&c issues by providing background information, presenting case studies and legal issues, and by including the opinions of industry thought leaders. Each trends paper goes beyond what you would read in a magazine article to help you gain important insight into, and understanding of, the various issues around a specific p&c topic.

The purpose of the library is to increase knowledge and information sharing within the industry on important issues and trends, and to increase awareness of the CIP Society outside of our immediate membership. We also hope that our papers will help increase influence of the CIP Society in important decisions being made in our industry right now.

Have you read our latest trends papers?

Marijuana impaired drivingThe Evolution of Road Safety Priorities: Looking Forward

While the transition to semi-automated vehicles promises advances that contribute to substantial crash reductions, new technologies have yet to produce the related reductions in crash costs. Additionally, distracted driving and marijuana-impaired driving have emerged as two new leading contributors to the road crash problem. This paper looks at the latest research, data and policy implications related to the future of road safety.

Supply ChainSupply Chain Risk and Resilience

Globally, supply chain disruptions nearly doubled last year, with natural disasters and weather-related events a significant source of that disruption. This trends paper looks at the complexity of supply chains and the types of disruptions - natural, man-made and economic - that can befall them.

Filing cabinet with claims filesAuto Insurance Fraud

While there have been several attempts to tackle auto insurance fraud by the provinces, regulators and the industry, fraud continues to be problematic and often cited as a major reason for high rates. This trends paper looks at types of insurance fraud, and insurer concerns around low consumer awareness of fraud and beliefs that fraud is not a criminal activity.

Grapes on vinesFrom Rootstock to Bottle: Insuring Wineries

The wine industry in Canada is larger than most people realize. There are over 600 wineries with over 31,000 acres “under vine” (bearing fruit). This trends paper focuses on the risks inherent in the winemaking business – from the time vines are planted through the sale of the bottle of