Our Ethics Series

As part of our mandate, the CIP Society provides information and guidelines about ethics at the forefront of the industry. Through our ongoing columns in Canadian Underwriter, we highlight the importance of being able to identify ethical dilemmas, present different perspectives, and propose various resources and strategies available to resolve them.

Our past columns have covered a wide array of topics including how to deal with confidential information, the importance of data integrity, and how to help clients understand the responsibility of all parties to the insurance contract.

We are continually expanding our library of columns and hope to engage you on a number of emerging issues in the future.

This year, we provided guidance on two ethical dilemmas:

October 2018: The ethics of cost-efficiency

A junior staffer commits a typo while working on a certificate of insurance, leaving a client without coverage. How to do more for less responsibly.

May 2018: The ethics of sales incentives

A recent spike in sales at a brokerage reveals an increase in a niche product which held a sales promotion last month. How to keep sales teams honest.