Professional Development Curriculum

Spring Professional Development Curriculum

The Insurance Institute’s Professional Development Curriculum gives you access to leading-edge industry knowledge and techniques through a number of courses designed specifically with business and management learning outcomes in mind.

Essential Management Skills
Whether you are an aspiring, new or experienced manager, this three-day course will equip you with the core skills of management. Learn what it takes to meet the day-to-day challenges of leading others. Achieve maximum results through your direct reports. Make a smooth transition into management and gain insights into your leadership style, its impact on your team, and how to effectively handle the stresses, challenges and changes associated with leading others.

Here’s what recent participants have to say:

“This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. I learned so much about my management style and how to encourage those around me to work to their full potential by understanding their style and how they work.” 

Think on Your Feet®
This two-day course teaches you how to better analyze, organize and present your ideas quickly—a core skill in business today. It means getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and be remembered). Think on Your Feet® introduces the “capsules-of-persuasion” concept – 10 plans that structure your ideas quickly, for impact. Clear Thinking = Clear Speaking! The Insurance Institute and McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. have partnered to make the world-renowned Think on Your Feet® course available through the Insurance Institute.

Here’s what recent participants have to say:

“One of the best communication courses I have been a part of. It is definitely a course that would be useful to anyone, no matter their job function.” 

Building Better Relationships at Work
Have you ever wondered why connecting and working with some people is easier for you than with others? Have you noticed that you relate better to colleagues who focus more on creating momentum and inspiring others than those that are very direct, or strive for accuracy and perfection? Perhaps you are more comfortable working with people who take a spontaneous, energetic approach than those who work at a steadier, more cautious pace?

If you recognize that there are some people you find harder work with than others, come and learn how to bridge the gap. Gain a deeper understanding of your personal style and your impact on others; minimize potential conflict resulting from differing approaches and styles; and develop strategies to better communicate and work with others.

Here’s what recent participants have to say:

“I was very surprised at how accurate the profile was and I got to see how other people might see what I say or do differently than how I intended it.”

“I raved to my manager about this course - this is one of the most relevant courses I’ve had the pleasure to participate in in a while. Loved it!”

Spring 2016 Course Schedule

Date Location Course
April 12-13 Vancouver Think on Your Feet®
April 14 Vancouver Building Better Relationships
May 3-4 Conestoga Think on Your Feet®
May 10-11 Calgary Think on Your Feet®
May 12 Calgary Building Better Relationships
May 17-19 Toronto Essential Management Skills
June 7-9 Edmonton Essential Management Skills

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