Winter 2016

CIP Society Highlights

In our recent membership survey, we asked you, our valued members, what type of communications you received and read from the Insurance Institute and the CIP Society, and how you preferred receiving them.

You reported that ADVANTAGE Daily, our daily e-newsletter, is the publication you read the most. You also indicated that out of all the publications, it is the one you are most satisfied with.

You reported that you read and are satisfied with ADVANTAGE Quarterly, the print publication you hold in your hands right now, at a similar level as the other Institute publications you receive from us nationally and locally, including Institute Quarterly. Over 80% of you (English respondents) indicated that you read some, most or all of this publication; over 55% of you (English) indicated that you were satisfied to very satisfied with the publication.

You also told us that you much preferred receiving communications as a link to a PDF or in e-newsletter format compared to print publications.

Going forward in 2016, you will notice changes to ADVANTAGE Quarterly based on the valuable feedback you provided us in the survey. Starting with the next issue, the Quarterly will be distributed via e-newsletter – look for it in your inbox this spring!