Professional Development

Professional Development to Enhance Your Skills

If you’re considering developing your career this year, now is the time to start planning for your fall professional development with programs and courses offered by the Institute to enhance your skills. These programs and courses are developed to help you prepare for the next step in your career.

Advanced CIP

As a CIP graduate, you are the prime candidate to continue your professional education path with the Advanced CIP certificate. This certificate builds on the technical insurance knowledge acquired in the CIP program and equips you with new tools to apply that knowledge across all areas of the insurance business. Benefits include:

- Entry for those without a university degree into the FCIP program
- Grow your communication skills and increase your influence as a problem solver
- Online classroom, available 24/7 allowing you to be in control of your study week

Click here to learn more about the Advanced CIP program.

Risk Management Certificate

From cyber risk to telematics, risk management is increasingly becoming a strategic function in insurance companies. Grow your credentials and expand your job prospects by taking the Institute’s Risk Management Certificate.

This online, three-course program combines case studies from p&c insurance with the fundamentals of risk management. Successful completion of the courses will prepare you to write the exams that lead to the CRM designation awarded by the Global Risk Management Institute.

Click here to learn more about the Risk Management certificate.

Develop your management skills with these Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 courses

The Insurance Institute offers three courses within our Professional Development series to enhance your working relationships.

Essential Management Skills – 3 days

New managers must work hard to adapt to the challenges of managerial work and their new network of relationships and responsibilities. The transition into management requires changes in the way you:

- present yourself
- interact with your team
- work and organize your day
- make decisions
- are measured and evaluated

Learning to effectively handle the stresses, challenges and changes associated with leading others are often as important to your career's success as your specific achievements at work. Come and learn more about your Leadership style and its impact on your team, the Performance Management Life Cycle, Delegation, Conflict Management and Motivation. Learn what it takes to make a smooth transition and how to lay the foundation for a successful career in management.

Think on Your Feet® - 2 Days

Many people struggle with finding effective ways to collect their thoughts quickly, to express their ideas clearly, and to make a lasting impression. Think on Your Feet® techniques make all of this possible.

Think on Your Feet® provides a practical, intensive and interactive workshop to help people speak spontaneously with CLARITY, BREVITY AND IMPACT®. Come and learn to:

- Answer questions on the spot
- Explain complex ideas clearly
- Get to the point
- Be more persuasive

The Insurance Institute of Canada partnered with McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc to make the world renowned Think on Your Feet® course available to you through the Insurance Institute at a substantial cost savings.

Building Better Relationships at Work – 1 Day

Have you ever wondered why connecting and working with some people is easier for you than with others? Have you noticed that you relate better to colleagues who focus more on creating momentum and inspiring others than those that are very direct, or strive for accuracy and perfection?

If you find that there are some people who are much harder to work with than others, come and learn how to bridge the gaps and differences when working with others.

In this one day course you will gain a deeper understanding of your personal style and your impact on others. Learn how to minimize potential conflict resulting from differing styles and approaches. Lastly, develop strategies to better communicate and work with individuals whose style is different than yours.