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Automated Vehicles - Learn more about this emerging issue!

It is important for the insurance industry to begin now to prepare for the extensive changes automated vehicles is expected to ultimately bring for the industry. Keep the conversation going by posting your thoughts on Twitter - #automatedishere
Join us for two ground-breaking events discussing the safety and insurance implications of automated vehicles in Canada:

May 25, 2016 Research Forum

A 360 perspective on the evolution of vehicle automation and the impact it will have on road safety, the industry, society, and infrastructure.
Panelists include the foremost authorities on automation in Canada.

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June 23, 2016 Live Webinar A unique perspective addressing vehicle automation’s life-changing potential to
reduce collisions and improve road safety.
Panelists include the foremost authorities on traffic safety in Canada.
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And watch for the release of the Institute's research report: Automated Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada due to be published within the next two weeks! 

Automated Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada is the second in our series of annual Emerging Issues Research Reports that began last year with Cyber Risks: Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada. With the great success and open dialogue that emerged as a result of the first report, we are excited about the conversations that this second report will generate on such a hot topic for the industry. Join us for the sessions above and receive a hard copy of the new report.

It's an important report that assesses the developments of automated vehicles on Canadian roads within the next 5-10 years, and raises many questions for the insurance industry:

• Will vehicles have on-board devices to identify whether or not the vehicle’s technology was engaged at the time of a collision?
• Will insurance companies be allowed to access this information?
• How will insurance companies recover costs when automakers are found to be at fault?
• How can property and casualty insurers reduce their risk of loss?
• How should costs be shared when driver errors and vehicle automation systems failure both contribute to a collision?

Have you seen how the Google driverless car works? Or do you have a favourite driverless car in movie/TV history? Enjoy our latest blog post for entertaining videos, articles, and even a podcast about automated vehicles!

If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming automated vehicles report, contact us at iicmail@insuranceinsitute.ca.