Spring 2016

CIP Society Highlights

Welcome to the first CIP Society online newsletter! At the request of the members at large, we have developed an e-Newsletter that will better serve the needs of our members. Each section offers a teaser of information, with the full story available online through the CIP Society website. This allows us to provide our members with more information in a more accessible format. If you have any feedback about our first e-Newsletter, or ideas for content, please contact us at cips@insuranceinstitute.ca.

As you scroll through this issue, you will see reference to innovation and technology at the Institute and within the industry. As predicted by Phil Cook in his January 2016 Trends Paper, 2016 Trends and Predictions, changes within the industry are beginning to surface that are related to technology, demographics, and communication. The Institute is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of industry changes and response needs, which is why we are offering our CIP Society members important research reports, trends papers, and webinars related to these innovative changes.

This spring we developed a video to build public awareness around the CIP designation and the p&c insurance industry. The video follows a similar theme to the messaging in our new advertisements ‘Be Assured’ and our consumer website www.BeAssured.ca. During the month of March, the video was promoted via paid placements on various online news outlets, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. We plan to use the video as part of future promotional activities. Watch the video!