Tools for mapping your career in insurance

COMING SOON: The Institute is in the final stages of development of our next initiative: mycareer – an online open resource of career maps, education pathways, assessment tools and tip sheets offering career management advice to industry professionals. Plus some great videos of career conversations with industry professionals in various roles and phases of their careers. It’s a unique and comprehensive suite of resources for the p&c insurance industry – unlike anything any other industry sector has done!

If you are looking for what’s next in your career:

These career mapping and education pathways resources are designed to inspire you to explore the lateral and vertical opportunities within your organizations and the industry. You’ll see the avenues and opportunities the industry has to offer. You’ll watch videos of industry professionals talking about their education, career milestones, mentors who have helped them along the way, and get some good advice too!

Like planning any journey, mapping your career can take some time, energy and thought. With mycareer, you’ll have the tools and tips to guide you along the way.

If you are a manager or mentor having career conversations:

You may find it useful to explore how you can use the resources available on mycareer to complement learning and career development conversations and initiatives in your workplace. You’ll also find best practices for providing feedback, coaching and facilitating effective performance and career conversations. And you can leverage mentorship and mentoring resources to support the development of your employees and/or mentees.

If you would like to know more about these career management tools:

You’re invited to attend free national webinars during the Institute’s National Education Month.

Choose the webinar that best fits your area of interest:

For People and Technical Management January 17
For Underwriters February 2
For Claims February 2
For Brokers/Adjusters February 14
Overview of Tools and Resources February 14

To register for your choice of the mycareer webinar and for more information on National Education Month, please visit: