Online Library - Commercial

The CIP Society is pleased to bring members a series of monthly trends papers for your reference. Each ADVANTAGE Monthly paper in this online library provides a comprehensive starting point with enough scope, background and future considerations to inform your decision-making and start your research journey.

Mergers & Acquisitions Insurance January 2019
Insuring Wineries June 2018
Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability May 2018
Construction Insurance April 2018
Legal Expense Insurance March 2018
Reputation Risk Insurance May 2017
Earthquake Insurance March 2017
Terrorism Insurance February 2017
Legalizing Marijuana November 2016
Emergency Preparedness October 2016
Epidemics & Pandemics September 2016
Sports Insurance July 2016
Peer-to-Peer Insurance June 2016
Cyber Risk May 2016
Fracking February 2016
3D Printing November 2015
Liability in Oil & Gas September 2015
Drones August 2015
Solar Energy July 2015
Aviation Insurance June 2015
Political Risk Insurance May 2015
Cargo Crime April 2015
Restaurant Insurance February 2015
Marine Insurance February 2012