What You Will Need


A variety of different factors contribute to success in the FCIP program. Those who graduate with an FCIP designation have made a significant time commitment, made use of solid online study skills, and demonstrated the required level of language and math skills. Find out below how you can prepare for and enjoy a rewarding education in the FCIP program.  

All FCIP courses  are one semester in length (12 or 13 weeks), except for the final project-based course, Integrative Learning for the P&C Insurance Industry, which runs over two semesters from September to April. You should plan to take only one course per semester.

The FCIP designation represents a significant leadership development opportunity. Like any such program, it requires a serious commitment of time and energy as you balance study with career, family life and personal pursuits.

In addition to the formal prerequisites, you will need the following in order to be successful in the FCIP program:

• A schedule that allows you to spend about 15 hours per week on course work
• Excellent time management skills
• Comfort with computer-based communications and online applications
• The ability to form effective working relationships, both remotely (via online discussions and email) and face-to-face

All FCIP courses are delivered by web-enabled distance learning supported by hard-copy materials, virtual group discussions and the guidance of an experienced facilitator with postgraduate academic credentials.

For each course, you will receive a package containing textbooks, additional readings and a printed course guide. You will also receive a login for the course website so you can view presentations, submit assignments, participate in online discussions, receive feedback and access helpful resources


FCIP courses are offered in English and in French subject to demand. All courses involve significant weekly reading and writing requirements, and all candidates must make a face-to-face presentation at the end of the capstone course.

To study successfully in the FCIP program, you will need the following language skills:

• The ability to read and critically assess text pitched at an upper-year university level
• The ability to express yourself well in writing, with few errors in grammar or spelling
• The ability to deliver a spoken presentation clearly in the language of your course

For FCIP studies in French: Due to the nature and source of the study materials, many course readings are available only in English. Candidates taking a course conducted in French will also need to be able to read material written in English.


To understand the concepts and do some assignments in the Financial Management for Insurance Leaders course, you will need some math skills. Before taking the course, you are encouraged to review the math resources, including a math refresher course, that have been provided free of charge on the e-learning site to admitted FCIP candidates.


FCIP courses are delivered by web-enabled distance learning supported by hard-copy materials and the guidance of an experienced, academically qualified facilitator. You will need the following resources.


FCIP course textbooks are available from the Insurance Institute. Please see the fee schedule for further details.


To ensure that you can fully access the resources of the online learning platform, you will need a computer that meets the following specifications.

Compatible operating systems:
• Windows 8.1
• Mac OS X “El Capitan”

Compatible browsers (please ensure pop-ups and cookies are enabled):
• Google Chrome
• Internet Explorer 10
• Mozilla Firefox
• Safari

Other technology requirements:
• Broadband internet connection (Wi-Fi not recommended)
• Adobe Flash Player version 14
• Adobe Acrobat Reader X (10.1.2 or higher)
• Microsoft Office or Google Docs and Google Sheets
• An email account that supports attachments
• Digital headset (not required, but may be helpful for some functions)

Please note:
To participate in our online courses and exams, it is strongly recommended that you have access to a personal laptop or a computer that meets the hardware, software and connectivity specifications required. Use of your employer’s equipment is not recommended, as company policies, firewalls and/or software restrictions may impede your access to needed features. To test your system specifications go to our Virtually Proctored Computer-based Examinations page.

We are unable to provide technical support for Mac users, mobile users or users of Windows XP.


Entry and graduation requirements for the FCIP Program