FCIP Evaluation

This page describes evaluation policies for the Insurance Institute’s FCIP Program.

Please see also:

•FCIP Program policies
•FCIP candidate responsibilities
•The requirements for admission to the FCIP Program
•The prerequisites for individual FCIP courses

Grades and Notations

You must obtain a minimum of 60% in each FCIP course to receive a passing grade.

 Percentage                Equivalent Letter Grade
 80 - 100  A
 70 - 79  B
 60 - 69  C
 0 - 59  F

 Other Notations

 I  Incomplete (a temporary notation pending completion of coursework – please see below)
 W  Withdrew
 ED      Exam Deferred

Incomplete:  Requests to defer in-class tests or assignments must be submitted to your course facilitator. In exceptional circumstances, a facilitator may agree to extend the deadline for an assignment past the course’s end date. In such cases, an interim notation of “I” (for Incomplete) is recorded in lieu of a final course grade. For any item(s) remaining incomplete after the extended due date, a grade of 0 is awarded, and the candidate’s final grade is calculated and recorded accordingly.


Final FCIP course grades can be obtained by logging in to your account on the Insurance Institute website. You can view grades for specific components (assignments, participation, etc.) by logging in to the course-specific website.


You can appeal your final FCIP course grade, as well as any grade for a specific assignment, test or other course component that contributes to the overall course grade.

• Appeals of both failing and passing grades may be considered.
• All appeals are final and are not subject to further review.
• Appeals can result in a grade either increasing or remaining the same.
• Appeal fees are non-refundable.

Final Grade Appeal:  A final grade appeal is a formal request to double-check the addition and transposition of grades for the assessed components of a course. A candidate’s request to appeal a final grade must be received at the Insurance Institute within 30 days of final course results being posted on the website.

In-class Component Appeal:  You may appeal any in-class component of an FCIP course that contributes to the final grade. The in-class component in question will be reviewed by the course facilitator. A request to appeal an in-class component must be received by the facilitator within 30 days of the posting of a grade for the in-class component. There is no fee for this form of appeal.

Students Requiring Accommodation

The Insurance Institute strives to accommodate FCIP candidates who may require alternative arrangements to participate in the program. In such cases, it is necessary to provide medical documentation, including an assessment of your ability to complete all course requirements, prior to your registration for a course.