F550: Emerging Issues: Implications for the P&C Insurance Leader

This course is not available for registration at this time. Please see the Key Dates on the Program Courses page for further information.

This course builds on the four subject-based FCIP courses, examining complex issues that currently pose significant strategic, leadership, financial and risk management challenges for organizations in the property and casualty (p&c) insurance industry. The course will help you develop skills in problem identification and analysis, research and evaluation of information, decision making, solution design and writing.

Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to do the following:

1. Assess the implications for the p&c insurance industry of threats and opportunities offered by events and trends in the global context.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of how emerging issues can impact an insurance organization’s strategic priorities, finances and risk management requirements.
3. Research to achieve informed action, evaluating large volumes of information for credibility and relevance.
4. Engage collaboratively with a project team to analyze a complex issue and develop recommendations.

5. Practise critical thinking skills, evaluating various perspectives and assumptions that impact the industry.
6. Demonstrate effective written communication skills needed by insurance professionals.

Course Topics

Emerging Issues: Implications for the P&C Insurance Leader runs for one semester and is divided into the following topics:

• Introduction to Emerging Issues
• Connecting Sustainability and the P&C Insurance Industry
• Exploring Companies’ Approaches for Addressing Emerging Issues
• Focusing on a Current Emerging Issue
• Preparing for a Research Project
• Working on a Project
• Reviewing Peers’ Projects


Final grades are based on participation in online discussions, an assignment, a group project and a peer review.

Recommended Prior Study

The Emerging Issues course requires the application of concepts covered in the first four courses of the FCIP Program. It is recommended that you successfully complete F510 Strategy in the P&C Insurance Industry, F520 Leading in the Insurance World, F530 Financial Management for Insurance Leaders, and F540 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in the Insurance Industry   before beginning this course.

Who Should Register?

Like all FCIP courses  offered by the Insurance Institute, Emerging Issues: Implications for the P&C Insurance Leader  is designed for current and future leaders in Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry. Whether you’re a broker, an underwriter or a claims professional; a supervisor, manager or director – this insurance education course can help you develop the skills and knowledge that p&c leaders need to identify, assess and respond to important emerging issues.


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