F530: Financial Management for Insurance Leaders

This course is not available for registration at this time. Please see the Key Dates on the Program Courses page for further information.

This financial management course provides you with the opportunity to learn about financial decision making within the property and casualty (p&c) insurance industry. While you may not work directly in a finance role, all insurance leaders need a solid understanding of financial management issues. You will learn key concepts and tools needed to maximize the value of the firm within the institutional framework of the property and casualty insurance industry in Canada.

Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, you will be able to do the following:

1. Apply financial management concepts to the p&c insurance industry.
2. Relate financial management content to your own organizational and professional experience, strengthening understanding, analysis, and decision making.
3. Engage collaboratively with people from other roles and other types of p&c organization to develop a multifaceted understanding of the Canadian p&c insurance industry.
4. Practise critical thinking skills, evaluating various perspectives and assumptions that impact companies.
5. Demonstrate effective written communication skills.

Course Topics

Financial Management for Insurance Leaders is divided into 11 one-week modules:

• Introduction to Finance and Insurance
• Time Value of Money
• Valuing Bonds and Equity
• Risk and Return
• Capital Budgeting
• Risk Analysis and Adverse Selection
• Long-Term Financing: Equity and Debt
• Capital Structure
• Financial Analysis
• Insurance Pricing and Risk Classification
• Loss Reserving


Final grades are based on participation in online discussions and assignments.

Course Prerequisites

1. Before registering for this financial management course, you must pass an online Math Skills Assessment to ensure that you have the skills you’ll need. The assessment tests skills normally taught in high school. See more information about the test .

2. You will also need a financial calculator capable of solving calculus, algebra and other problems. We recommend the BA II Plus Calculator from Texas Instruments .

Who Should Register?

Like all FCIP courses  offered by the Insurance Institute, Financial Management for Insurance Leaders is designed for current and future leaders in Canada’s property and casualty insurance industry. Whether you’re a broker, an underwriter or a claims professional; a supervisor, manager or director – if you hold a CIP designation and are interested in a leadership role in a p&c organization, this insurance education course can help you develop the financial skills and knowledge you’ll need to make informed business decisions.