Admission for Internationally Educated Professionals

If you hold university credentials from outside Canada and wish to apply for admission to the FCIP program through the regular route, the following requirements apply.

Entry Requirements – Regular Route

Prior completion of the CIP course and work experience requirements.
Current Insurance Institute membership.
Current CIP Society membership (for CIP graduates).
An undergraduate degree from an internationally recognized university.
A letter from a comparative education service confirming evaluation of the university transcript.

Admission and Registration Steps

1. Obtain a copy of your transcript from your university outside Canada.
2. Submit your transcript for review by a recognized comparative education service (e.g., the Comparative Education Service at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, or the World Education Service).
3. Log in to your account on the Insurance Institute website and complete an application for FCIP admission.
4. Submit the application and send your transcript and the evaluation letter from the comparative education service, along with applicable fees, to the Insurance Institute for review.

Please note: 
It is your responsibility to ensure that your transcripts are reviewed by a comparative education service well in advance of the Insurance Institute’s deadlines for admission to the FCIP program. You should contact such services directly to inquire about transcript review time frames. You will receive written confirmation of your status within two weeks of the Insurance Institute’s receipt of your admission documents. Once you have been admitted to the FCIP program, you may register for individual courses through the Insurance Institute website.

Candidates Studying Outside Canada
While the FCIP program is explicitly designed for the Canadian p&c insurance industry, we are pleased to accept enrollments from candidates outside Canada. There is an additional per-course fee. Candidates who reside outside Canada for the duration of the course are not required to remit taxes (GST/HST) with their fees.

As an FCIP candidate studying abroad, you will need to make your own arrangements to come to Canada for the final face-to-face evaluation at the end of course F560 Integrative Learning for the P&C Insurance Industry.